Rinspeed Introduces Solar iChange Vehicle, Shape-shifter

February 25, 2009 / No Comments

We love it when companies invest time and money to coming up with concepts that shape a better future. But what’s more interesting, is that some of these concepts actually come to life.

rinspeed ichange 1 Rinspeed Introduces Solar iChange Vehicle, Shape shifter

Swiss tuning designer and car manufacturer, Rinspeed, just announced that they’ve been working to build a solar powered vehicle dubbed iChange. The concept is actually a lightweight electric vehicle (features solar panels on the roof and sides) that is capable to change shape according to the number of passengers on board.

With no doors and a teardrop-like silhouette, the new iChange brings in three powerful li-ion batteries that take three hours to fully charge and offer a 90km range. As for how powerful it is, the engine outputs 150 kW that helps it go naught to 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds and achieve a max speed of 220 km/h.

rinspeed ichange 2 Rinspeed Introduces Solar iChange Vehicle, Shape shifter

Expected to hit the floors next month at the 2009 Auto Show in Geneva, we’re pretty sure a bunch of “green eyes” will be on Rinspeed.

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