3 Reasons Why Honda’s New Insight Will Beat Out Toyota’s New Prius….Maybe

February 26, 2009 / No Comments

The new Honda Insight is already hot in Japan. Orders are more than three times what was expected. “Overwhelming” says a Honda executive.

honda insight 1 3 Reasons Why Hondas New Insight Will Beat Out Toyotas New Prius....Maybe

The car will be on sale in the States from April.

There are three reasons why the Honda Insight will beat out the Toyota Prius in the long run … maybe.

  1. Honda Insight has a mass appeal – former mini-car owners, sedan-owners and minivan-owners are checking it out.
  2. Honda Insight costs under $20,000, almost 20% less than a Toyota Prius.
  3. Honda Insight boasts 61 miles per gallon, 33% BETTER than the Toyota Prius, and 20% BETTER than the new Prius due out this spring.

Economy is bad, gasoline prices unstable and leaning upwards, and the new Insight is not nearly as funky looking as the older one. My bet is this Honda Insight has a pretty good chance of making inroads into the market that the Prius now dominates.

Images via Autoblog