Solar Panel Competion Heating Up in Japan

February 27, 2009 / 1 Comment

With Tokyo expected to make buying surplus solar power at double the cost a requirement demand for solar panels is expected to climb in Japan.

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Sharp Corp. and Kyocera Corp. are Japan’s biggest solar cell manufacturers. However, Chinese, Taiwanese and other foreign solar cell makers are getting ready to enter the market in Japan.

There is a 2nd International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo happening in Tokyo this week.

  1. Taiwan’s Sun Well Solar Corp. has thin-film solar cells. The company already sells two types of solar cells, one see-through, mainly in Germany and Spain.
  2. Chinalight Solar Co. manufacturers and sells machinery hopes to start selling its solar cells in Japan through the machinery sales network.
  3. Most Chinese and Taiwanese sell their solar goods in Europe. Now they take aim at Japan.
  4. Some Japanese chemical companies are aiming to enter into the solar cell business.
  5. Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. is working on an organic thin-film solar cell  with built-in solar cells.
  6. Fujikura Ltd. is displaying pigment-sensitized solar cells at the expo.
  7. Kyocera is displaying a  polysilicon module cell that maximizes the light-capturing area by placing the electrodes on its back.
  8. Mitsubishi Electric Corp. is promoting a polysilicon solar cell that uses infrared rays.
  9. Sharp’s is displaying a solar module that requires an installation space of just 13 sq. meters.

In the end, the customer and the Earth will win this competition, eh?

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