Taiwan’s Gintech, China’s Suntech Takes Aim at Japan

February 27, 2009 / No Comments

sola pawaa Taiwans Gintech, Chinas Suntech Takes Aim at JapanJapan says it is a leader in solar cell manufacturing. Taiwan and China want a piece of Japan’s solar panel market, especially considering the onslaught of business that is expected.

Meanwhile, a Taiwanese solar cell manufacturer Gintech Energy Corp. will supply Japanese companies this year on an OEM basis.

Low-cost production is why Gintech hopes to sell 50,000kw to 75,000 kW worth of solar cells each year to Japan. Gintech is already talking with Japanese clients – specifically, those companies that assemble and market solar power systems.

Gintech has a solar cell production capacity of 660,000 kW a year in Taiwan. Gintech’s major market is Europe and has sold just 5,000 kW of solar cells to a Japan.

Suntech Power Holdings Co. is the world’s third-largest solar cell manufacturer. The Chinese producer hopes to begin a major sales push in Japan also this year. “We are now able to supply sufficient volume of products to the Japanese market,” Chief Executive Officer Zhengrong Shi says.

And we’re on a good track, isn’t it?

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