Nissan Taps Portugal to Produce Lithium Ion Cells

March 2, 2009 / No Comments

Nissan Motor Co. announced on Monday that it is planning to mass-produce automotive lithium ion batteries in Portugal come 2012. About the same time, Nissan intends to manufacture electric vehicles globally at full clip.

nissan carsion Nissan Taps Portugal to Produce Lithium Ion Cells

Nissan has signed an agreement with the Portuguese government to construct a plant. Nissan will be the first Japanese automotive firm to produce next-generation batteries overseas.

They will supply lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles for its own cars and its French partner, Renault SA. Nissan will start rolling out electric vehicles next year in Japan and the U.S. global mass production will begin in 2012.

Terms are still being hammered out. In the meantime, there are lots of Portugese studying Japanese hoping for a job. And, Nissan is making progress toward cutting emissions in its cars.

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