Jaguar races ahead: Green Range Rover to get a boost from the government

March 12, 2009 / No Comments

Jaguar Land Rover’s plans to build a green Range Rover will get a vital boost from the British government who decided to allot a funding of £27 million.

range rover green concept 001 Jaguar races ahead: Green Range Rover to get a boost from the government

The prestigious green project will receive the funding as a part of the government’s plan to promote eco-friendly automobiles that lead the nation towards a greener future. This is in addition to the already granted £2.3bn that is a part of the automotive assistance program meant to support the ailing car industry in the difficult times.

Based on the Land Rover’s LRX Concept car that has been unveiled a year ago at the Detroit Auto Show, the green car of the future will be the most energy-efficient and clean Range Rover ever. Being projected as the ultimate culmination of style, performance and planet-friendly technology, the ‘green’ Range Rover is a prestigious £400 million venture where the government is willing to share just over 5% of total costs.

“Despite the current economic challenges we remain committed to investing for the future” said Phil Popham, Land Rover’s managing director.

Investment in a greener future and cleaner roads is what this is all about and considering the current global financial crisis, this is great news for automobile industry in general and Jaguar in particular.

Source: Guardian

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