Scientific Proof that Humans Did Not Evolve from Chimps

March 12, 2009 / 3 Comments

There’s scientific proof that humans did not evolve from chimpanzees at Sweden’s Furuvik Zoo.

Researchers watched Santino the chimp’s anti-social behavior and studied the 31-year old alpha-male over the years – 10 years to be somewhat exact.

sweden chimp Scientific Proof that Humans Did Not Evolve from Chimps

Santino never attacked others in his group probably because he was comfortable being the head banana … or getting his bananas first.

What shocked the researchers was that Santino would collect rocks each morning, even knocking out disks from concrete boulders, then store them until midday. At midday, visitors would come to the zoo and Santino would start throwing the rocks at the monkeys on the other side of the fence. He never hit anyone, well hardly ever. But, the fact that the chump, chimp planned ahead stunned the researchers. They concluded that humans could not have evolved from chimps because how many humans do you know who plan ahead? And if humans did plan ahead, then why is the world in the mess it is in?

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