New Power Packed Lithium Battery, Charges Up in Seconds

March 13, 2009 / No Comments

lithium ion battery New Power Packed Lithium Battery, Charges Up in SecondsLithium ion batteries that are in the market today are already being hailed as major breakthroughs and are helping both the automobile industry as well as the electronic field in producing gadgets that are smaller, lighter and far more efficient than ever before.

But how about turning that up a couple of notches by creating cell phones that are fully charged in a matter of a few seconds and electric cars that can challenge an F1 vehicle for the top speed? As astounding as that sounds, the researchers at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are moving ahead in that direction.

A couple of material experts at MIT have been in the process of designing a new Li-Ion cell that unlike traditional li-ion batteries, charge up faster and can even discharge energy in one single burst when needed. They’ve used a Lithium Phosphate coating to the existing batteries, the experts have succeeded in creating nano-scale tunnels for the swift movement of the electrons.

Considering that it’s just an enhancement to a technology that is already commercial, we’re expecting it to hit the market in the coming years.

Source: AFP
Image by kqedquest