Doom and Gloom Predicted for Northeast United States

March 17, 2009 / No Comments

water levels Doom and Gloom Predicted for Northeast United StatesMore doom and gloom is predicted for the northeast portion of the United States.

New York City, Boston and other coastal cities are expected to get eight inches more than a possible 2-3 feet sea rise by 2100. Let me see, if it’s two feet, then two feet plus eight inches falls within the 2-3 feet prediction. Will the Northeast then still have to worry extra?

Scientists have been talking about rising sea levels due to global warming both from warm water expanding and melting of ice sheets. But, if the ice sheets melt, won’t that keep the warm water from expanding? I’m confused.

You can read about it more here.

But just a quick test – put some ice in a glass of water and mark the level. Let the ice melt and tell me or tell your friend what the resulting water level is AFTER the ice melts. And the way I understand it, if it is cold enough for the ice to melt, it’s warm enough for there to be more snow, thus offsetting the ice that melted.

Seriously, why is it always doom and gloom?

Image by schultzlabs