Excess Carbon Emissions to Speed Up the Ocean Acidification Process

March 20, 2009 / No Comments

Whenever there is a group of environmentalists and top notch scientists (?) who claim that human activity and carbon emissions are destroying the planet, there is a group of skeptics to challenge it. But when it comes to ocean acidification, the conclusive evidence is before our eyes— we are causing irreversible damage to the planet.

ocean acidification Excess Carbon Emissions to Speed Up the Ocean Acidification Process
Image by shoebappa

A team of scientists in Australia have found that the shells of amoeba-like organisms, called Foraminifera, have become substantially thin over the past decades. That is largely caused by ocean acidification, due to the excessive carbon emissions from human activity.

Since the carbon is absorbed by the Foraminifera, the ocean becomes a huge sink for CO2.

Studies have shown that their shells have gone thinner by 30 to 35-percent when compared to shells of organisms that lived a few hundred years ago. And the reduction in number and even extinction of these species will alter drastically the marine food chain all the way to the large whales or the great white sharks.

Scientists claim that the ocean acidity has gone up by 32% since 1800 and will go up by more than 130% by 2100. If the trend continues, not only will we be wrecking all marine ecosystems, but will turn the ocean into an acidic bed. But is there hope?