Solar-powered Air Conditioning, Saves Energy and Cash

March 24, 2009 / 2 Comments

According to leading survey companies that have taken account of the way energy is used in the domestic sector, it is assessed that 30% of all energy consumption is due to the heating and cooling needs of our buildings.

solar air conditioning Solar powered Air Conditioning, Saves Energy and Cash

As you already knew, the use of an air conditioner can really take a heavy toll on your electricity bill. That’s exactly why Le Lievre, a co-founder and former CEO of Ausra, has launched Chromasun, a company that plans to dish out efficient and ergonomic solar-powered air-conditioning systems for our next summer.

The new and innovative design of Le Lievre is all about tapping solar power in an ultra-efficient way by using mirrors, concentrators and receivers that enhance its output capability immensely. Also, the new design ensures that by using 95% less silicon it will boast a 75% efficiency— compared to 23% efficiency on conventional solar cells.

Harnessing energy from sunlight and waste heat to cool down the interiors, this will not just save energy but also slash your power bills in a huge way.

In the time of recession, that surely should encourage more people to take a turn towards the green! Let the sun chill you down …

[via Ecofriend]