Stranded Whales Rescued off SW Australia

March 31, 2009 / No Comments

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Not funny… about 80 long-finned whales beached themselves in Hamelin Bay, Western Australia. Five bottlenose dolphins joined them in the mass suicide.

beached whales 1 Stranded Whales Rescued off SW Australia

Workers were able to get 14 whales and four dolphins back to the sea when they were taken to calmer seas.

Scientists offer some theories as to why the whales beach themselves:

  1. chased by predators
  2. chasing prey
  3. sonar used for navigation is hindered by natural geomagnetic factors
  4. bad directions
  5. following an ill or injured pod member into danger and refusing to leave it
  6. human activity – undersea exploration, sonar from submarines

Since last November about 520 whales have beached themselves. More than 470 have died.

“We’re in a peak period now,” said Evans, of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. “What happens in that period is the climate factors increase the prey field near the shore, forcing whales closer to shore and thereby increasing the probability that they will strand.”

There is a cycle of such activities by the whales dating back to the 1920s. Maybe something can be discovered by studying that.

Let’s hope so.