Lightpot, the “Green” Table Lamp

April 7, 2009 / No Comments

We are all about shining the spotlight on environmental issues and making them an absolute priority. But the creators of Lightpot seem to have taken it a bit too literally. Here’s their really cute and compact LED-lit table lamp that offers you a lot more than just the normal radiance.

lightpot by studio shulab 1 Lightpot, the Green Table Lamp

Resembling a lamp with two shades placed one opposite to the other, the Lightpot is both your own personal bed/table lamp and also that tiny pot which allows you to grow some green inside. Ergonomically designed by Studio Shubal, it’s been built to debut at the 2009 IMM Cologne and will soon be available in stores in various shades and colors to please your senses.

lightpot by studio shulab 2 Lightpot, the Green Table Lamp

For us, the beauty of this ambient lighting device is that the LED light on the inside grows in intensity as your plant grows and thrives. A good dose of symbolism, if the “life” inside perishes then you are forced into complete darkness. And you wouldn’t want this to happen, right? [via EcoFriend]