Canada mapping out underground water

April 8, 2009 / No Comments

Canada’s scientists are busy mapping the underground water supplies across the country. The scientists want to provide policy makers with info to develop water conservation laws.

flooded mine with water Canada mapping out underground waterImage by esprit-de-sel

Canada is, for the first time, using such advanced tools as:

  • computer modeling
  • satellite imagery
  • airborne geophysical surveys.

The last national mapping study of aquifers was in 1967.

The group has been at it since 2003. There are some 30 major aquifers across the country and 12 have been surveyed so far. At this rate, by the time they are finished it will be long past time to start over. Kind of like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.

So far the study has found some 100,000 cubic kilometers of water hidden in aquifers across the country.

I wonder if we can find water in other places across the globe this way, only faster.

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