7 Things We Know about Science Friday

April 10, 2009 / No Comments

National Center for Science Education executive director Eugenie C. Scott will guest start on the first hour of NPR’s Science Friday show for April 10, 2009.

watchmen 7 Things We Know about Science Friday

Here’s what we know about Science Friday.

  1. Science Friday aims to make science user friendly. We at GP love when folk take a scientific approach to things.
  2. Science Friday has four blog writers – Bad Light Bulbs, Spring Buds, My Personal Cyber-Spy, And the Winning Vehicle is….
  3. And they have a podcast
  4. Science Friday has video archives.  Candy corn in space?
  5. Science Friday makes science cool to know – Extinct Genes Resurrected, Spotting Stress in Statues, Dogs Bark, Birds Chirp, Fish Grunt
  6. Science Friday tackles the difficult subjects – Texas Schools and Evolution, Obama, Congress, and Climate Change, Predicting Earthquakes
  7. Science Friday is inviting the likes of Eugenie Scott of NCSE which defends the teaching of evolution in school.

In any event, it is never a bad thing if folk look at things rationally, scientifically, as long as the folk realize that science does not/cannot answer every question.