Eco Fashion: Debenhams Recycled Women’s Suit Made From Plastic Bottles

April 10, 2009 / 1 Comment

debenhams recycled women suit Eco Fashion: Debenhams Recycled Womens Suit Made From Plastic BottlesHow about gifting your love a dress made out of junk? Not such a bright idea if it actually looks like trash, but it sounds a lot better when it looks like the special £55 women’s suit unveiled by Debenhams.

Entirely made of recycled plastic bottles for a “plastic princess”, that does not mean you will have a giant goofy looking dress with bottles pinned all around.

This Debenhams recycled suit is something that you can probably even carry into the boardroom meeting with style and dignity.

Around 50 plastic bottles are melted down refined and woven into a soft, but hard-wearing type of polyester fabric.

With a price tag of mere £35 for the single-button jacket and £20 for the trousers, this might be the perfect dress during the hard times.

Although the fabric may not be that comfortable, this is a huge favor for the planet with less plastic in the landfills.

While one still wonders how much energy is spent in all that melting and weaving of bottles into suits and how green that process really is, we still can’t wait to try out something like this when it comes in the men’s lineup.

So when is that Debenhams? [via DailyMail]

  • Van

    I agree and can’t help but wonder how much energy is consumed to transform the plastic bottle into a nice fabric such as this. I just hope it didn’t cause much pollution, though.

    However, I admire the cause and intention and can’t wait too see other interesting clothing line from plastic bottles.