Mena, Arkansas: Tornado Kills Three

April 10, 2009 / 2 Comments

tornado 300x220 Mena, Arkansas: Tornado Kills ThreeA tornado that just hit the western Arkansas city of Mena, on Thursday night, caused three deaths, injured 22 and serious damage to more than 100 homes (some of which where there since the Civil War).

After being hit “like a bomb” at around 8.10 in the morning with 100-year-old trees being uprooted from the ground, a curfew is now in effect for the people from Mena who are now waiting for local authorities and the National Guard to deal with ruptured gas lines and downed power lines.

“There were sirens that went off,” Roger Susanin (reporter for KATV) said. “There were some tornado warnings earlier in the night, but it was not supposed to hit ground level. No one really had too much time to shutter their homes.”

Does it mean that the tornado season has arrived and we’ll get to see more and more of these things? Weather is becoming a big factor of our lives …

  • Shila

    Mena Arkansas where a tornado.
    At least three people were killed and two dozen injured on Thursday night when a tornado smashed through Mena, Arkansas.

    “About half the injuries were reported as serious,” said Tommy Jackson, a spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management at North Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • Crystal

    as someone who lives in mena i should let you know that it hit us at night and not the morning. we had about 30 injured. the cerfew that was was from 8 P.M. to 6 A.M. was the night after it happened only. oh the siren went off four times before the tornado hit so people had time to run for cover.