Obamas to Get a Portuguese Water Dog, Named Bo

April 12, 2009 / No Comments

obamas dog bo Obamas to Get a Portuguese Water Dog, Named BoBarack Obama’s girls Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, got a dog as their Easter present. After months of anticipation, they got a 6-year old portuguese water dog and named him, Bo.

A gift from Senator Ted Kennedy (who owns other three), the First Puppy has been bred at a kennel in Texas.

Although local shelters close to the White House hoped that the Obamas will adopt a pup from them, Bo is now ruling the domain with its tuxedo-black fur, a white chest, white paws and a rakish white goatee.

Cute and with an atitude, Bo is already famous, but we think he’ll definitely have to take some lessons for standing in a picture from now on.