Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, an Offer on EarthDay

April 13, 2009 / 3 Comments

One of America’s most respected brands is Reynolds Wrap. The aluminum foil maker has come up with an offer for the green-minded. For this year’s EarthDay, Reynolds Wrap will offer foil made from 100% recycled aluminum with a mail-in rebate (up to $3.99).

reynolds wrap aluminum foil Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, an Offer on EarthDay

The offer will be available for download on April 22 at 4:22 am EDT and will be valid only in the United States. Quantities are limited so get the date and time right. Tricky way to get your email address perhaps but you can can sign up for an email reminder here.

A small step to “greening” your kitchen perhaps and to make the house person’s work place more environmentally friendly. But, that journey of a 1000 steps can start in the kitchen, too, right?

Good green-marketing or is Reynolds Wrap really trying to make a difference? What do you think?