Rooftop Wind Turbines

April 14, 2009 / No Comments

I was the first one in my neighborhood to get solar panels. That was when I lived in Japan and more than 20+ years ago. I wonder if I can be the first one in Sunnyvale (home to Yahoo) to have a wind turbine on the roof of my house. I wonder if I want to be the first person to have a wind turbine on house.

rooftop wind turbine Rooftop Wind TurbinesImage by stuant63

Home wind turbines are coming and in many cases are already here. But, in truth, call me shortsighted but if I live in a place where it’s windy enough for me to get the benefit of a whirlygig on my house, I think I might want to move. Perhaps if I lived alone out in the middle of a field in the middle of the plains of Oklahoma, or on a mountain top or, or…

About the only real reason I can think of someone wanting a wind turbine on their house would be the ‘cool factor.’ And what about noise? And they have to be big enough to really get some power generated out of them…and, and…

Am I really being too shortsighted here? I can’t see the forest for the wind turbines.