10 Deadliest Animals to Humans on Earth

April 15, 2009 / 10 Comments

People often wonder what is the deadliest creature on the planet and argue about which animal should take that spot. To be honest though, none deserve that crowning glory better than us humans. But that set aside, let us take a quick look at the supposedly deadliest animals on the planet rated based on their danger to humans as the main criteria.

10. Poison dart frog

poison dart frog 10 Deadliest Animals to Humans on Earth

The natives just run darts against the skin of this tiny, bright and colorful frog from the rainforests of South America to hunt down prey. Why? Because its poison is enough to kill ten men and will be triggered the moment you touch its skin.

9. Cape buffalo

cape buffalo 10 Deadliest Animals to Humans on Earth

Here is a simple lesson if and when hunting the cape buffalo- Do not hurt it and leave it wounded as it will actively chase and kill you. This aggressive and massive animal kills more people in Africa than even the mighty predators prowling the continent.

8. Polar bear

The largest predator on the planet is ultra-protective when it comes to its young cubs. And when over-enthusiastic tourists or locals get too close to the cuddly, cute cubs, they are just inviting the wrath of the polar behemoth.

7. The elephant

They are not always the gentle giants and when in rampaging mood, a herd can mow down anything in its path. Reason for over 600 deaths every year, if you manage to keep out of the path then you are safe.

6. African lion

This seems a tab bit strange considering the fact that you would be careful enough to keep your way out of the Jungle king. But in nations like Tanzania where around 70 humans each year fall prey to the lion, that border between civilization and the African Savannah is thin and blurred.

5. Great white shark

With 30 to 100 global deaths each year, the great white is a predator that is all too well known and well documented. It is said that once it gets a taste of human flesh, it will develop a taste for further kills. The ocean’s most well-oiled and evolved killing machine strikes fear at sight.

4. Australian box jellyfish

With 5,567 deaths since 1884, that will definitely speak volumes about how lethal these creatures are. The most venomous marine creature known to man, each tentacle has enough toxins to kill 60 people. Beware if you’re swimming on the Australian coasts.

3. Australian saltwater crocodile

The famous ‘death roll’ will ensure that once you step into the water, it will drown you and then tear you apart. Water is its domain and the largest living reptile on the planet brings with it the ferocity of its Jurassic heritage causing around 2000 causalities each year.

2. Asian Cobra

Snakes like the Resells Viper and the Black Mamba might be deadlier, but the fact that the populous Asian continent is the home to the King Cobra makes its run-ins with humans all too regular and causalities aplenty.

1. Mosquitoes

A small bite that can turn out to be deadly with malaria infecting and killing millions of people across the globe each year. With majority of the victims residing in the developing nations and in the tropical belt, this tiny creature is the biggest killer of them all.

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  • http://Marcome.com/newagemusic Marcome

    Wonderful! entertaining and well done. The photos are gorgeous and the subjects your cover are fun to discover! Thanks for bringing all this quality content to the twitter community! Marcomé from Canada

  • Yousef Mohammad Nadreen

    How Is the Mosquito The most Dangeraus Of Them All ? I Thout it Was The Croc Or Shark Or Lion.

  • Jim

    Where’s mankind as #1?
    The human race is an uncontrollable cancer,. It proliferates at an uncontrollable momentum. It destroys everything on this minuscule planet. It poisons its own environment and that of other creatures who have to share the same. It creates weapons of mass destruction to annihilate the entire planet in the name of peace and brotherhood. It develops deadly atomic, hydrogen, chemical and bacteriological agents to be tested on and used on whatever suits its fancy. It wages war on itself. It mutilates whatever it chooses. It pits itself against itself only to imprison itself. It lies to itself saying it’s creating a better world for it to live in while destroying everything it encounters. It kills itself. It was entrusted with a heavenly garden paradise only to ruin it. It even has the hypocrisy to say it was created in God’s image. © 2009

  • Cap’n Quaalude

    Uh, Jim, the introduction clearly states that humans deserve to be right at the top of the list. You’ve passionately presented a bunch of evidence to support a point that the author conceded right off the bat.

  • Connor

    The inclusion of the mosquito as the most dangerous animal is a good one, but your bit on the great white shark is just plain wrong! Your numbers are absurd: 30 to 100 deaths a year? According to the ISAF, there have only been 64 fatalities EVER documented. And your comment about how they say once it gets a taste of human meat, it develops a taste for more is exciting and fun to think about, and satisfies the viscious man-eater image that thrilled the millions who lined up to see “Jaws” when it came out, but it is also ridiculous. Great whites almost never bite a person twice, because 1) great whites “test-bite” things out of curiosity first (however, that can be a massive test-bite), and 2) humans are very bony and not good eatin’ compared to fleshy, blubbery animals like seals. The fatalities that have resulted from great white attacks are almost always the result of blood loss caused by a single bite, and the majority of great white attacks are not fatal. The great white is rare and an endangered species and these sensational discussions that play with the facts don’t help their conservation at all.

  • Mark

    First of all, I very much enjoyed this article.

    Jim (from a comment below mine),

    You obviously share my enthusiasm for the diagnosis that industrial revolution and modern era mankind is the largest environmental disaster planet earth has ever encountered, aside from one collision with an enormous rock from outer space. However, I would like to share with you a piece of experience that I have gathered from a long career in environmental education.
    While your arguments are accurate and valid, your writing moving, and your initiative apparent, you have elected a poor strategy of conveying it.
    You probably agree that people as a whole need to change to conserve the planet that we occupy. Quite simply and quite frankly, insulting our entire species is an awful way of persuading anyone to change. Even more frankly, comments and articles with similar themes to yours have contributed to a misconstrued opinion of environmentalists worldwide.
    To achieve the change we both seek, I recommend educating people about both the issues we face and the solutions we propose rather than pointing out our faults and exaggerating them to a point of being rude. In this way, we present the masses with the knowledge and understanding that environmentalists embrace. Bring out the good in people, don’t provoke the bad. Get people on our side, don’t drive them away.


  • Joey

    Scientists and animal researchers have actively stated that Shark attacks are extremely rare and the possibility of death is even rarer. Sharks do not even like the taste of human flesh, they have been known to spit out human flesh. Putting Great White’s as 5th seems a bit ignorant. Maybe sharks should be moved to the most feared section, instead of the most deadly.

  • Jim

    Hi Mark,
    You are quite articulate in expressing your point about my point-of-view. However, insulting and being rude to our entire species as you said I did is really a misnomer – the entire human species is far beyond the stage of being insulted – the majority are just too primitive in thinking and living to achieve any type of change for the betterment of the world. This is true not only of so called ‘primitive cultures’ who lay waste to thousands of acres of Amazon rain forests, kill sharks only for their fins for soup, kill rhinos only for their horns for aphrodisiacs, apes for their hands for ashtrays, etc., but also to the so called ‘civilized society’ where greed is the name of the game in dumping toxic waste in waterways; prime example is BP’s oil blow out in the Gulf of Mexico, and the hundreds of other companies over the years having dumped toxic waste in the water and in the ground. No, insulting and being rude to mankind is far to affable – man kind is a cancer – plain and simple without redemption.
    Jim ©2010

  • Jim

    Oh, don’t forget the deer in the USA who kill thousands. 🙂

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