Russia wants Japan’s help to export natural gas from Sakhalin I

April 15, 2009 / 1 Comment

natural gas Russia wants Japans help to export natural gas from Sakhalin IRussia has a lot of nerve to say the least.

The Russian government wants financial and technological assistance from Japan to build a pipeline and LNG export terminal for the Sakhalin I oil and natural gas development project.

If I remember correctly, Japanese companies Mistui and Mitsubishi helped build Sakhalin I hoping to cash in only to have Moscow change the laws in Gazprom’s favor leaving M&M out in the cold – literally.

Now, Moscow realizes they have the technology to export the LNG and they want Japan’s help again to cover the $5 billion costs invoved in the project. For that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is scheduled to visit Japan next month to beg for money.

Gas reserves at Sakhalin I are estimated at 485 billion cu. meters and Sakhalin II has 480 billion cu. meters.

Some 60% of Sakhalin II’s output is to be shipped to Japan to supply about 8% of the Japan’s needs … until Moscow changes the law again.

Fighting over the Earth’s natural resources! exploiting one another over the Earth’s natural resources!! Look no further than Russia!!!

Image courtesy of StephenMitchell