Jones Soda Pedals For Energy and to Stay Off the Grid

April 23, 2009 / No Comments

jones soda pedaling for energy Jones Soda Pedals For Energy and to Stay Off the Grid

Jones Soda employees pedaling for energy

We’re pedaling to power 10 laptops, three cellphones and one printer in our office

To celebrate Earth Day the right way, Jones Soda— the company that makes odd tasting flavored beverages, decided to get off the power grid and installed 9 bicycles for their Seattle headquarters, where employees spent time pedaling.

Both a healthy alternative and green solution to the company’s energy needs, pedaling at a comfortable pace could generate about 200 watts an hour for each “cyclist”. And the interesting thing is not only Jones Soda employees get to pedal, but everyone that wishes to.

“This is pretty typical Jones Soda. We do fun, innovative things here, and this is just an example,” said Susan Rozewski, a Jones employee.

So if you’re trying to lose some weight, do your good deed for the environment and not pay a dime, how about paying these guys a visit. It’s graet how it makes people aware that we can actually do something when it comes to energy consumption. And it’s so easy! And so healthy! [via SeattleTimes]