(Lil) Green Patch: Virtual Gardens Could Help Real Rainforests

April 28, 2009 / No Comments

The Nature Conservancy gets a portion of the ad revenue generated by the game, (Lil) Green Patch” on Facebook. The more it is played, the more rainforest gets saved. Who would have thunk?

Social media is one of the new fertile grounds for fundraising. It can work, especially if users don’t know they are giving. In other words, advertisers are just sharing a portion.

lil green patch (Lil) Green Patch: Virtual Gardens Could Help Real Rainforests

(Lil) Green Patch : Facebook Application that Tries to Make a Difference

Young people, for whatever reason, have an interest in the environment. Especially college students and the very savvy of media socialites. If they are told they can help save rainforests and fight global warming by playing a game, look out. Especially if the game is fun.

The (Lil) Green Patch game has generated $162,150 in little more than a year, says The Nature Conservancy. It is among the most popular applications that some 6 million active users on Facebook can add to their profiles.

(Lil) Green Patch is one of Facebook’s best earners but still accounts for less than 3 percent of The Nature Conservancy’s online fundraising. But how many seeds has been planted for the users of social media to become more aware? That’s an intangible but valuable contribution overall.

Social-networking sites are becoming more and more necessary for nonprofits to explore.

Direct mail, phone solicitations – success is dwindling. Internet fundraising is on the rise. Hmm…

Play a game, save the world. Sounds fun and fruitful, eh?

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