4 Challenges to Ridding the World of Dangerous Chemicals

May 11, 2009 / No Comments

warning pesticide use 4 Challenges to Ridding the World of Dangerous Chemicals

Stockholm Convention of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) has been targeting 12 hazardous pesticides and industrial chemicals that are linked with human health problems – nerve and immune system damage, cancer, reproduction disorders and disruption of child development.

“The risks posed by such chemicals are profound and these toxic substances leave chemical footprints around the globe. Farmers, pregnant women, young people, the unborn and certain remote communities such as those in the Arctic are particularly vulnerable,” said UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive, Achim Steiner.

“This week in Geneva governments can make an important contribution to the poverty-related UN Millennium Development Goals as well as catalyzing a transition to a healthier, more sustainable Green Economy. I would urge them to take that opportunity and begin lifting another health threat from literally millions of peoples’ lives,” he added.

Feel better?

There are four problems to removing the POPs

  1. the transition of moving from production of POPs towards safer alternatives. What to do in the meantime?
  2. Identifying new POPs. If the “12” don’t get you, something will.
  3. What about countries that can’t afford It? Communism!
  4. Every person already carried some POP in his/her body. Can we get a do over on the creation of people?

The solution – grow/buy/eat organic say some. Just don’t let people who have been contaminated do the growing/picking/distributing. [via TwilightEarth] (Image courtesy of greencolander)