Idaho Red Riding Hood

May 11, 2009 / No Comments

The Obama administration has said its open season on hunting of gray wolves in Idaho. Red Riding Hood will be safe again on her way to grandma’s house.

gray wolf 3 Idaho Red Riding Hood

Bush’s administration removed the wolves from the federal endangered species list in Montana and Idaho. Earthjustice says it is too early. They prefer the Big Bad Wolf to Little Red.

Wolves take a huge toll on big game animals – elk, for example and little girls.

Wyoming is still a safe haven for wolves if the furry fellows can just figure out where the state lines are.

gray wolf 2 Idaho Red Riding Hood

Once on verge of losing the wolves altogether, their restoration is considered one of the greatest conservation achievements in US history— depending on whether or not you ask the folk of fairy tales.

Still, a wolf is a creature that has been blessed with life on this planet. There is a place for them and the balance ought not be kept with guns. But, neither should they be allowed to eat little girls or their grandmothers.


[via MotherJones] Images by douglas-brown and dobak (1+2)