220mph Bullet Train Juiced up using Solar Energy

May 12, 2009 / 1 Comment

solar bullet train 1 220mph Bullet Train Juiced up using Solar Energy

Solar Bullet Train Design

Bullet trains powered by solar energy were associated to a very distant future. But with the American government planning for a high-speed rail system, the future of sun and rails together is about to become history sooner than we ever thought.

Brainchild of the Arizona based Solar Bullet LLC (you know where the impetus came from), this new train would tread at 220 mph — Tucson to Phoenix in half hour — with solar power as its source of energy. Energy that is converted to 110 megawatts of electricity required to set the wheels in motion, using the solar panel mounted tracks.

solar bullet train 2 220mph Bullet Train Juiced up using Solar Energy

In an attempt to save the waning world, solar power commuters could be our best chance and although this project involves a heavy cost ($28 billion), there is a need for a serious head start. The solar-powered Bullet could be the ideal beginning at least as far as the developed world is concerned. [via Inhabitat]

  • http://www.zeroemissiontransportation.webs.com/ D. W. Major

    This is the Future of High Speed Rail.
    It s faster then an Airplane and thus renders Airtravel as obsolete.
    It is safer then any of those in this Article.
    It is absolute 0 Emission, the only one.
    It is Cheaper to build then any other.
    And it is faster to build then any other.
    It offers Infrastructure Improvements.

    I dare anyone to prove me otherwise.


    The Airstream Train is the only Transportation that we ever need.
    Faster safer reliable and Ecologically Integrated.

    D. W. Major