Dubai’s Food City – The Green Utopia?

May 13, 2009 / No Comments

dubai food city ecotopia 1 Dubais Food City   The Green Utopia?

Dubai’s free zone— the Food City, as it was named by the city’s Chamber of Commerce, has been designed by the creative architects from GCLA as a self sufficient metropolis. An off-the-grid structure that doesn’t lack on sustainable features, the future-forward urban quarter is going to sport vertically stacked green walls and aquatic farms, artificial roof landscapes, renewable energy and thermal conditioning systems.

dubai food city ecotopia 2 Dubais Food City   The Green Utopia?

An amazing project that brings life to a sandy city, GCLA architects also thought of integrating features meant to lower energy and water consumption. Hence why the Food City is going to use concentrated solar collectors, towers covered in thin-film photovoltaic cells, piezoelectric pads in pedestrian areas, and methane harvesting through sewage percolation tanks. It’s also designed to use a set of atmospheric water harvesting, solar desalination through concentrated solar collectors and grey water recycling systems to keep water levels under control.

Ambitious an visionary, Dubai is going to change soon (even more than it did in the last few years) and we get to witness it all. It’s stunning!