Electronic Gadgets a Rising Threat to the Environment

May 14, 2009 / No Comments

electric structure Electronic Gadgets a Rising Threat to the Environment

Electronic Gadgets a Rising Threat to the Environment

The world is doomed for sure and as per the International Energy Agency, even your iPod is contributing.

The stark reality is that we people are aware of the ill effects of greenhouses gases but, we still do not want to make a difference.

For those curious as to how we can contribute in saving our planet from this evil, even the judicious usage of electricity consumed by our doodads could help.

if we continue to ignore our role by 2030 the energy consumption coming from our beloved gadgets could triple, hitting a whopping 1,700 terawatt hours. And if that doesn’t scare you …

The world would have to build around 200 new nuclear power plants just to power all the TVs, iPods, PCs and other home electronics expected to be plugged in by 2030, when the global electric bill to power them will rise to $200 billion a year, the IEA said.

Needless to say that the increased need for energy would take the greenhouse gases level to … the next level.

Consumers alone cannot make a difference as the manufacturers also have to contribute by developing gadgets that could run on minimalistic specified standards. We are constantly being made aware of the ill-effects of gas guzzlers, the addition of consumer electronics is another surprise.

Imagine a world without commuters and gadgets! Even the thought is distressing. Don’t you think it’s better to play rational and be the good stewards Earth needs?

[via Timesonline] (Image courtesy of ibrotons)