Russia, Japan Likely to Sign Pact on ‘Non-military Use of Nuclear Power’

May 14, 2009 / No Comments

nuclear suit Russia, Japan Likely to Sign Pact on ‘Non military Use of Nuclear Power’

Russian nuclear suit

Russia says it is likely to sign a pact with Japan on nuclear power plant.

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, told the Japanese media in Moscow that he expected to sign the agreement during his visit to Japan this week.

The Russia-Japan deal on nuclear power plant would be one of the many agreements that the two countries would be signing during Putin’s visit to Japan.

It may be noted that Japan and Russia are at present in the final stages of discussions over an agreement to promote what has been described as “non-military use of nuclear power” – like for generation of electricity.

Japan’s Kyodo News has reported that the proposed pact between Russia and Japan on nuclear power plant will result in Tokyo entrusting Moscow with uranium enrichment and also allowing Japan to export technology to Russia.

But do we get any guarantees that the new technology is clean, sustainable and cost-effective? Or is this just a new friendship between the world leaders?

[via Yahoo!] Image by welshdan