The Waning Extravaganza of Reefs in the Coral Triangle

May 14, 2009 / No Comments

The Coral Triangle needs no introduction as nature lovers admire it as one of God’s finest creations. Famous for coral reefs and mangroves, sooner than expected the entire stretch of water could soon lose everything.

If by now two-thirds of the coral reefs have already been destroyed by overfishing, industrial waste and climate distortion, everything is expected to be lost unless measures are being taken care of. Clearly speaking, it would only take another four decades for these reefs to be history .

the french reef on key largo fl The Waning Extravaganza of Reefs in the Coral Triangle

Considering the fact that the life of people around this area is heavily dependent on the income generated from related marine life and its mangroves, the diminishing coral reefs could spell disaster for 100 of the 150 million natives.

The report also mentions that by 2050 food supplies would have been halved and that by the end of this century, 80-percent of the food would have be gone and there would hardly be any fresh water available courtesy of the swamping seas.

The only choice people would be left with is to flee to adjoining areas like Australia and New Zealand, thereby breaking down any cultural and traditional values.

With the area already ahead of the worst case scenario, there is very little time left to react, if at all.

[via Guardian] (Image courtesy of thespis377)