Hummer’s Eco-friendly Hybrid Model

May 27, 2009 / 1 Comment

The General Motors-owned Hummer (a notoriously gas-guzzling vehicle) is going eco-friendly. The company has produced a near-zero emission hybrid that is powered by electricity and claiming to have a fuel efficiency of 100 miles a gallon. Compare this with Toyota’s Prius hybrid, which gives only 50 miles a gallon…

eco friendly electric powered hummer 1 Hummer’s Eco friendly Hybrid Model

Eco-friendly Electric Powered Hummer

Hummer had started collaborating with Raser Technologies, an energy-technology company focusing on geothermal power development and technology licensing, about 15 months ago to create a “green” vehicle with as much as 600 pounds of lithium-ion battery packs.

The new model which looks the same, can travel up to 40 miles in all-electric mode before requiring a recharge.

According to General Motors, though the hybrid Hummer is scheduled for sale only in 2011, it has already become popular, with 17,000 people placing orders, and it is likely to cost about £32,000.

eco friendly electric powered hummer 2 Hummer’s Eco friendly Hybrid Model

The Electric Hummer

Kraig Higginson, chairman of Raser Technologies, was quoted as saying: “Many people are quick to attack big cars – they say the solution is to buy small vehicles which get better gas mileage. But no, we need a better technology.”