Dedicated Schwarzenegger is determined to realise the Hydrogen dream

May 29, 2009 / No Comments

The terminator attitude is showing in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s determination to make California a state that embraces hydrogen power like none other.

gov arnold schwarzenegger at the sae Dedicated Schwarzenegger is determined to realise the Hydrogen dream

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at the SAE in April 2009

He believes that the government keeps changing its policies related to alternative fuels depending on the prices of gasoline. California on the other hand is only moving in one direction with the hydrogen plans and that is forward, irrespective of what Washington does.

Arnold made his intentions clear at the 6th stop of the 1700 miles 2009 Hydrogen Road Tour from California to Vancouver.

The State has invested $6.8 Million to set up four hydrogen filling stations last month and there are plans for more, despite the credit crunch and the budgeting crisis. Arnold is confident that he will manage to find private partners to help the “cause”.

California is home to 25 million trucks and cars which together consume 50 million gallons of gasoline and diesel everyday, and account for 40% of the state’s greenhouse gases. Considering the huge consumption, California can actually be a large market for hydrogen related developments and a great example for other states to follow.

No reason why private investors would not lend in a helping hand. Right?

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