Half of Tesla Roadsters Recalled For Rear Chassis Problems

May 29, 2009 / 1 Comment

The Tesla Roadster needs no introduction as it is the first electric commuter to be dubbed a sportscar. The speed devils admire it as much as the green fanatics do, but the ones who bought it may not be happy with a recall.

tesla roadster Half of Tesla Roadsters Recalled For Rear Chassis Problems

Tesla Roadster - the electric supercar

It looks like 345 of the roadsters sold have been recalled by the company over a suspected suspension problem of the rear chassis.

The problem has been established after one of the owners reported handling problems.

The rear, inner hub flange bolts on a small percentage of Roadster vehicles were improperly torqued during assembly and that is what caused problems with the handling. Hence why Tesla is now blaming British car maker Lotus responsible for this manufacturing defect.

Luckily no reports of an accident have been filed for the $109,000 all-electric powertrain car, even though the rear chassis problem could have thrown the car out of control, resulting in a fatal crash.

Tesla is not going to charge anything for fixing up the issue, but paying a whole lot of money for a supercar, one would expect that it’s somehow flawless. Are we wrong in here?

[via Latimes] Image by coneee