Painting the World White Should Counter Global Warming, Steven Chu Thinks

May 29, 2009 / 1 Comment

When 20 Nobel Laureates sit together to discuss ways to save Earth from the plight of global warming, the outcome would definitely be special. Out of the many suggestions that would flow from the Nobel Laureate Symposium being held in London, the US Energy Secretary (Barack Obama’s best man on “green), Steven Chu, came out with the most interesting : paint the world white.

santorini island greece the most beautiful white architecture Painting the World White Should Counter Global Warming, Steven Chu Thinks

Santorini Island, Greece - The Most Beautiful White Architecture in The World?

Whitewashing the world would serve a dual purpose. It would reflect the suns rays back into outer space thereby cooling the earth, while in hot hot regions, the cost of air-conditioning would be saved by lesser energy consumption (as the white roofs would ensure lowered temperatures). That’s because pale surfaces reflect 80% of the sunlight back as compared to only 20% for the darker surfaces.

Professor Chu is advocating the use of white roofs and roads which could offset the global warming process. In his vision, doing so would be as if you’re taking all the cars out of the roads, for 11 years. And that sounds like a convincing way to change the environment.

Of course the idea is interesting if you consider that summers are hotter and hotter, but Professor Chu shouldn’t we stick to black roofs during winters to make sure we get as much from the sun as possible, hence reduce energy consumption?

So how about painting the world white during summers, and black on the first signs of winter? And that should be eco-friendly paint, right Professor?

[via TimesOnline] Image by marcelgermain

  • alex

    This would also protect against aliens, they’dprobably think this is just a barren wasteland and not invade, he he he, BUT ONE PROBLEM WHERE WILL YOU GET ALL THAT PAINT!!!