Coca Cola, Pepsi get ‘greener’ in Japan

June 8, 2009 / No Comments

shiso pepsi Coca Cola, Pepsi get greener in Japan

Shiso Pepsi in Japan

The Coca Cola, Pepsi war is nothing new but, this time it brings a smile to our face for the reason is very ‘green’.  Coca  Cola has launched a new drink-green tea Coke- to counter the stiff competition Coke faces from non-carbonated drinks in Japan. Also dubbed the Coca-Cola plus Catechin, this new drink contains tea antioxidants called catechins and leaves a slight green tea taste upon consumption.

coca cola with green tea extracts Coca Cola, Pepsi get greener in Japan

Coca-Cola plus Catechin - contains green tea extracts and is zero calorie

Coke is targeting 20 to 30 year old females who are health conscious, as this drink is good for health and beauty. The Green Tea Coke is available in Japan beginning today and as expected, Pepsi has no plans to succumb to this development and is therefore readying its green drink.

The Pepsi drink will be dubbed the Shiso and be available in Japan next month.

Shiso is a minty green herb normally found in Japanese foods as a flavoring ingredient and it gives the drink a totally green color.

With Japan having a tendency to embrace different drinks, both Catechin and Shiso will surely become popular and this time we will get to witness a green battle.

Having said this, both Coke and Pepsi should be credited for this development, as the world needs to be motivated to adore greener things.