Economy Buffs Await the VW BlueSport

June 8, 2009 / No Comments

volkswagen bluesport 1 Economy Buffs Await the VW BlueSport

Volkswagen Bluesport

With the economy choking the world every passing day even the giants like GM are finding it difficult to survive. Consequently, all car makers are taking to develop cars that promise superlative fuel-efficiency. The VW BlueSport roadster is one such name with big promises but there is still no word on the production future of this car.

The details rendered by Auto Week (which got a test drive of the prototype) give us a hint that the prototype is ever so ready for production but VW seems to have other plans with no confirmatory announcements being made.

It was earlier speculated that VW had put the production plans on hold due to the state of the economy. VW should instead realize that a car that has the ability to deliver 42 miles per gallon (thanks to the directly injected diesel engine) in everyday driving could indeed become a best seller given the situation.

If the car does go into production, it would make it to the US in 2013 with a starting price of $30,000 – acceptable given the fact that it is a roadster and it wins all hearts with that mileage.

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