Wyoming Sideways Tornado in Pictures and on Video

June 9, 2009 / 1 Comment

wyoming sideways tornado 5 Wyoming Sideways Tornado in Pictures and on Video

The Wyoming Sideways Tornado– Tornadoes have always captivated weather enthusiasts because we strive to understand those amazing funnel clouds and the way they form. For researchers and those who have a passion for such things, a bunch of brave guys managed to capture the Wyoming Tornado on video and to take amazing pictures. It’s a pretty wicked tornado that suddenly turned sideways so that you can actually see its “eye”.

It looks like it never fails. Every time a natural disaster hits, there’s someone who risks bodily harm to get it on tape amid the chaos and destruction. Insane? Perhaps, but is a fact that Mother Nature blows us away (sometimes literally) with its beauty.

Photos copyright of Tony Laubach
Video by Michael Carlson