Father’s Day Gift Ideas For the Eco-Conscious Dad

June 16, 2009 / 6 Comments

Father’s Day is coming up and if you’re still looking around for the right gift for your dad, how about something that exudes “green”. He’s probably tired of all those ties, the cuff links, gadgets, games or whatever you used to buy. So why not make this year a bit more special? So let’s get the brainstorming started for earth friendly Father’s Day gift ideas.

fathers day Fathers Day Gift Ideas For the Eco Conscious Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. Spend your day with your dad

Can’t tell how green that’s going to be but this is how everything should start. A full day with your dad to do whatever you guys feel like as long as it’s local, healthy and environment friendly. Just make sure you have a schedule well ahead of time.

2. Go for the mountains

It sounds like a  great idea. Hook up with whatever you guys need and head to the mountains for a one day  trip. Spending a day among nature and seeing all the beautiful things it has given us so far is a great way of making people think greener. Maybe your dad needs it. If he’s “eco-enough”, a trip to the mountains is a great stress reliever, too.

3. Organic beverages

Some prefer wine, some go for scotch, no matter what your dad likes, there is at least one organic variety for his person poison. It always goes over well, even if the drink is not top notch. Also you could consider one of those organic beer-brewing kits. Just the fact that it’s “green” changes everything….

4. Recycled glasses

That’d go great with the organic/biodynamic alcohol of his choice and you’ll get to do amazing cocktails (that Mom should never hear of). Made of recycled materials the glasses can be for wine, for whisky and whatever you have in mind.

5. A solar charger for his electronics

He’s a guy and the chance are that if he’s not into gadgets, at least he has a mobile phone. How about a solar charger to get some clean electricity for his devices? Doesn’t cost much and should make him think twice about the whole clean energy concept. If a little device can power his iPhone, maybe a larger solution would change things a bit … eh?

6. Plant a tree together

A tree that will always remember you of your father and will do good to the environment at the same time. Sounds like a great idea eh? Imagine what your dad will feel when he’ll know that there’s a tree out there that has been planted for him.

7. Solar garden lamps

Your dad doesn’t have to be old to have a beautiful garden. I know how much I enjoy playing backgammon with my dad when night falls and the weather is a bit chilly. But the thing that makes things overall better are a bunch of solar garden lamps that gather sun light during the day and charm you at night with their amazing colors. Imagine how your paps will take pride in his lawn or garden when he installs these …

8. Eco golf accessories

He may not be Tiger Woods, but chances are that your dad loves to hit the links from time to time. So how about a set eco-friendly golfing gear? Golf bags, balls, and tees made with 100% recycled, recyclable, and non-toxic materials. We can bet he’ll brag to his golfer buds about your gift and will try to pursue the guys to go eco, too.

There are plenty of other Father’s Day gift guides for an eco-conscious dad, so if you have more, why not let us know in the comments below. Let’s make this year a bit more special 🙂

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    Some good ideas, but I have one that I love and so cheap you won’t believe it. All you do is send him the usual Fathers Day card and inside you add that you have subscribed him to an emailed joke on the 1st of each month for the next 12 months. At the beginning of each month you email him a new joke. This is a multi purpose gift, 1st and foremost the gift of laughter once a month is a precious gift, 2nd it makes him overcome his techno fear and use his computer/emails much more and 3rd it didn’t cost a penny!