Obama stands firmly by his fuel-efficiency plan

June 28, 2009 / No Comments

United States President Barak Obama says that the legislation on climate change, along with his plan for fuel efficiency of automobiles, will save as much oil as the US imports from the Persian Gulf countries. Thus, President Obama said in an interview that if the proposal becomes law, the United States would greatly reduce its dependence on foreign oil.

obama energy Obama stands firmly by his fuel efficiency plan

Obama on Oil Cuts

However, figures given out by the federal government do not go well with Obama’s stand, raising doubts on whether he might be exaggerating or not.  Figures initially provided by the White House revealed that the reduction in oil imports claimed by Obama would come to a decrease of around 10% in 2030.

According to Heather Zichal, deputy assistant to the President for energy and climate change, the legislation will reduce the United States’ overall oil consumption by 700 million barrels in 2030. Later, the White House revised that figure, citing a report by the Environmental Protection Agency, to 245 million barrels a year by 2030.

The legislation proposed by the Democratic Party is designed to cut emissions of greenhouse gases drastically by 2050. And the plan is one of President Obama’s most ambitious legislative priorities.