Ford hopes to electrify 10%-25% of its vehicles by 2020

July 3, 2009 / No Comments

Ford Motor Company expects to electrify around 10% to 25% of its vehicles in one way or the other by 2020.  According to Nancy Gioia, director of hybrid vehicle programs of Ford Motor Company, the first step towards achieving the company’s vehicle-electrification goal is “to convince drivers that plugging-in makes sense.”

Ford Mustangs Ford hopes to electrify 10% 25% of its vehicles by 2020

Ford Mustangs ... waiting to be electrified

And, with a view to convincing drivers on the benefits of electrified vehicles, Ford is working with utilities across the United States to collect data on driver-behavior vis-à-vis plug-ins, especially regarding the Ford Escape plug-in hybrid.  Ford Motor Company is taking a $5.9-billion loan from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and President Barack Obama is in favor of making one million plug-in vehicles by 2015.

The company says that the loan from the Department of Energy will be utilized to improve the fuel efficiency of 13 Ford models and to get them on roads as soon as possible.

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