Happiest Green Place on Earth – Costa Rica

July 6, 2009 / No Comments

Looking for the happiest place on Earth? Look no further.

Costa Rica is officially happiest place on earth. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly, too says a new survey by a British non-governmental group.

Costa Rica 1 Happiest Green Place on Earth   Costa Rica

A look at 143 countries that are home to 99 percent of the world’s population and Costa Rica came out on top. In terms of happy and GREEN! How cool is that?

In fact, Latin American countries took nine out of the top 10 spots. If that is not a reason to move south, then what is? But, then too many folk heading in that direction will surely spoil the place.

Australia came in third.

Costa Ricans have a life expectancy of 78.5 years, and 85 percent of the country’s residents say they are happy and satisfied with their lives.

I am moving there for sure! Do me a favor and stay away. 😎

Costa Rica 2 Happiest Green Place on Earth   Costa Rica

Costa Rica

[via Yahoo!] images courtesy of joiseyshowaa, alex-s, united-planet