General Motors Reinvention to Require a Lot of Inspiration

July 8, 2009 / 2 Comments

GM will soon loose all its subsidiaries-Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC to a government backed company and in the process will shed its debts, dealerships, other brands and its former labor obligation.

General Motors General Motors Reinvention to Require a Lot of Inspiration

What once belonged to General Motors would now compete with it in the open auto market. This is the curse of bankruptcy, and had GM not opted for it, even this ‘privilege’ wouldn’t have been available. Moving on from here, GM has a lot to achieve in order to gain firm footing, but the road ahead is tough and the once largest automobile manufacturer in the world, needs a lot of inspiration to reinvent itself.

Next challenge would be to come up with more appealing designs and to offer quality cars to customers that are willing to pay the price to buy one. Maryann N. Keller, an independent auto analyst and consultant believes that GM is now going through the easy part — bankruptcy filing, and that the hard stuff is yet to come.

General Motors has to learn to walk again at a time when the US auto sales are falling short of 10 million vehicles — the lowest level in more than a decade. Simultaneously, Ford is gaining its market share and Fiat in tandem with Chrysler has new hopes for the US market.

What will happen? We have to be patient and see …

[via Latimes] Image courtesy of Toban Black