Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle from Edwin Yi Yuan

July 8, 2009 / 2 Comments

The oil resources are diminishing fast and we still haven’t found an apt solution to replace gasoline to power the modern day commuters. But how about a vehicle that only needs compressed air to roll?

Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle 1 Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle from Edwin Yi Yuan

Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle by designer Edwin Yi Yuan

Edwin Yi Yuan has succeeded in designing a concept air-fueled bike dubbed the Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle. It is not an utterly novel concept for we have heard of compressed air powered vehicles before, but this motorcycle has overcome a couple of problems faced by previous concepts — short range and low speed.

Edwin combined with his lecturer and a team of design students to give it a form. He chucked the guts of a Suzuki GP100 from the 1970s into the bin and just used its frame, wheels and brakes.

The engine used to grind this machine is an invention of a Melbourne based engineer, Angelo Di Pietro. It is lightweight and runs on air compressed from two compressed air tanks on the bike. It revs up 10,000 RPM thereby eliminating the need of a gearbox, bringing only a single gear (sprocket bolted directly to the axis of the engine and chained to the rear wheel) into use.

The mass produced units of the Green Speed Air bike would also use solar panels to compress the air. With zero-carbon emissions and a very inexpensive fuel option,  it definitely looks like the bike of the future. One that we’d love to hop on for a quick spin.

[Via Ecofriend]