Mint Energy Rechargeable Battery Needs No Sockets

July 15, 2009 / 2 Comments

Non-rechargeable batteries contribute to garbage and add dangerous toxins to waste making them an environmental threat. Rechargeable batteries have long been touted as safe or at least better for the environment but when you do not find a socket outdoors the entire praise falls flat.

Mint Energy Rechargeable Battery 1 Mint Energy Rechargeable Battery Needs No Sockets

It is in these circumstances that people look for those AA and AAA 1.5volts options that once used can be chucked into the bin. A rechargeable solution that needs no electric socket would also be a great option. But until now, it has been a far-fetched dream.

It is the Mint Energy rechargeable battery prototype that has given us some hope. Instead of connecting it to a socket, users just need to shake it vigorously for a while and it gets recharged.

The mechanism that goes into recharging the metal hydrate battery is the use of a magnet that moves between a coiled bobbin when shaken. The movement of the magnet between the coil produces electricity which charges the battery.

This solution can be energy saving and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Mint Energy Rechargeable Battery 2 Mint Energy Rechargeable Battery Needs No Sockets

Mint Energy Rechargeable Battery

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