Robert Ferry’s Almeisan Tower for Za’abeel Park

July 15, 2009 / No Comments

I have been looking at a lot into greener structures of late and this iteration from  architect Robert Ferry has captivated my imagination the most. It was an entrant at a design competition in Dubai which required him to design a tall emblem for the Za’abeel Park. Sadly, it was rejected.

Almeisan Tower for Za’abeel Park 4 Robert Ferrys Almeisan Tower for Za’abeel Park

Nonetheless, the Almeisan Tower does give us a glimpse into the future leaving us mesmerized with the way things could shape up. This tower isn’t just a place for recreation. The 600kW solar tower makes it a capable energy grid good enough to power the structures within and the park as well, of course.

Measuring 165 meters, this tower uses 224 heliostatic polished mirrors to trap the the solar energy and transfer it as a single beam, reflecting it onto a collector where a furnace containing liquid sodium is heated to a constant 500 degrees Celsius. This in turn powers a steam turbine.

The structure with its eight piers is like a bow, with these piers meeting at a distance of 50 meters and then ‘blossoming’ out again. The bow has a tension ring in between and the top section of the structure has inner piers that holds a cafe and the collector tower.

There is a children’s library and a cultural center as well. Effective cooling systems (using the archetypal wind towers) with the eight piers grill a ‘triple zero’ mark with zero emissions, zero energy requirement and zero waste.

There are four glass elevators to get atop the structure with diverging and converging piers in combination with mirrors which shine with beams.

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