Krakatoa Volcano ready to unleash after a gap of 126 years

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The world must have forgotten the name, but the Krakatoa Volcano needs to be reminded as of one of the most deadliest volcanoes in the world. It killed 36,000 people when it erupted in 1883. However, the stark reality is that the remaining part of the Volcano has started to spew lava again and thousands of farmers who stay close to the volcano even today, may be in jeopardy.

Krakatoa Volcano Sundra Strait  Krakatoa Volcano ready to unleash after a gap of 126 years

The impact of the first eruption was 13,000 times that of the atom bomb which rocked Hiroshima. Not only did it kill people, it even changed the course of the weather for many years.

There isn’t a comparison to match the devastating ability of this volcano even in the modern times, not even the eruption of Mount St Helens in the U.S. in 1980.

What is good to know is that certain predictions can be made regarding volcanoes, but one cannot be precise about the eruption time. Researchers are sure that the Krakatoa volcano is one the verge of an explosion again and this time it will be stronger than what was experienced in the 19th century.

Talk about destruction, this volcano ravaged 165 villages and towns, seriously damages another 132 and killed 36,417 people outright. At present, the area between the islands of Java and Sumatra is more densely populated as a consequence of the rich and fertile land that drove the farmers closer.

Last time around, when it exploded, the explosions were heard 1900-miles across the waters in in Perth in Western Australia, and over 4,500 miles away in Sri Lanka. So does the world await another catastrophe? We hope not!

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