Austrian Upcycling Shop Shows There’s Great Business in Trash

September 18, 2009 / No Comments

Gabarage Upcycling 1 Austrian Upcycling Shop Shows Theres Great Business in Trash

Upcycling is better than recycling or “reusing” in many ways. The idea is to start from discarded products or waste and create something sustainable, and usable as a daily item. Austrian shop Gabarage is busy showing the world the potential of garbage; the custom products that can be made from trash, and the money such products can bring in.

This Vienna based design shop lets its consumers/clients look at garbage, and select the “piece” they like the most. The selected piece is then upcycled into a custom gaba bag for the consumer.

Gabarage also runs programs that allow companies to pass on their residuals or industrial waste to the shop, which then turns these into sustainable design pieces which may be used by the companies, or can be put in the shop for sale.

Not only does the idea add an environmental perspective to items that would otherwise be consigned to the landfill, it also offers a great option to consumers to get custom made bespoke products. [via Reuters]