Apple Looking at a Comprehensive Green Way

September 28, 2009 / 1 Comment

green my apple Apple Looking at a Comprehensive Green Way

A greener apple ...

Gadget makers have often been accused of being wasteful and excessive, leading to giant carbon footprints. Organizations like Greenpeace have been very vocal of these practices and now even consumers are beginning to take notice.

Apple, like other companies, has moved to reduce its carbon footprint, and has vowed to reduce it dramatically over the next few years. Apple, though currently ranked above competitors like HP and Dell, is still placed below the fold by Greenpeace.

It may seem rather strange at first, but despite its lower revenue than HP and Dell, Apple puts its annual carbon footprint above both giants at 10.2 million tons a year. As a comparison, HP puts its figures at 8.4 million tons and Dell has its footprint at 471,000 tons.

The discrepancy makes itself more obvious when considering that the way these companies measure their carbon footprint is decidedly different.

HP and Dell do not include the carbon footprint from the use of their products by consumers, Apple however, takes that into account and it actually forms nearly half of the annual emission figures the company has put forward. Going by the same logic, the emission figures from HP and Dell will have to be nearly doubled to put them on the same scale as Apple.

The Cupertino based company also has a product lineup free from BFR, PVC, Mercury, Lead and Arsenic, primarily due to its use of glass and aluminum.

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