Nippon Airways Wants You to Use the Toilet Before Flight, Stays Green

October 8, 2009 / No Comments

Airport Toilet sign Nippon Airways Wants You to Use the Toilet Before Flight, Stays Green

I can see it now.  I wait in the airport security line, carrying my shoes, and then having to discard my $5 bottle of water I had purchased in that same airport because it was opened.  Then I go through the full body scan which can count the hairs on my butt (163 hairs last time) and 5,784 hairs… oh, never mind.

Then I get a tap on my shoulder and an attendant takes me behind a screen of another scanning machine aimed at my private parts.  Well, they were private before the last two scans.  “I am sorry, sir, but you will have to relieve yourself before you board.  Go through that door and you will find a urinal.”  After a sigh of relief, I get an automated voice from the urinal saying “Thank you for during your part to save zero point zero one two pounds of carbon emissions on this flight.”  The person next to me saved 0.02 pounds; his bladder must have been close to bursting for that reduction.

Science fiction?  Not really.  Nippon Airways is asking all passengers to relieve themselves of bodily fluids before flying on 42 flights in a month-long experiment.  They are trying to see if people will follow their instructions in hopes of saving around 11,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per month.

They assume all of the passengers get on an airplane with full bladders.  If that were true, the bathroom lines would extend the length of the airplane for the duration of the flight.  I believe at most 50% of this could be saved.

I know many travelers that go to the bathroom before boarding a plane just so they are comfortable during the flight, as I was one of those.  During these times of terrorist threats, going to the bathroom in an airplane after you are told to sit down will get you a stay at the Gray Bar Hotel while you get interrogated for not cooperating with airplane crew and interfering with flight operations.

The next question would be, how much would be saved if all solid waste would be eliminated from the flights?

Do your part and go before you get on that next airplane and save some CO2 emissions.  Besides, you will have a much more comfortable flight.

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